Rev. Dr. Janette Wilson, Esq.

National Director Of Education, PUSH Excel
Rev. Dr. Janette Wilson, Esq.

If one questions the power of words, ask Muhammad Ali, President Bill Clinton, Maya Angelou, Michael Jordan or Marva Collins. The power of words, along with a vision to succeed, will overcome any odds.

We must thrust into the minds of students that whoever they are and wherever they live, they can achieve quite literally whatever they can dream, no matter what anyone else may say to the contrary. When one considers that the future of our nation is being forged in today’s classrooms, it is clear that our education crisis is the single greatest issue we face. There never was a time in our national history when the need to improve our educational institutions was as desperate as the present. With facilities that are frequently unequal and inadequate, and with students and parents sometimes uncertain of the value of education, the prospects for the future are all too often bleak. Yet this is not a time to go back or give up. To do so would be to deny our children the rich and rewarding future that they deserve.

America can no longer tolerate failure, rampant mediocrity and the tragic loss of potential brain power. Dr. Ben Carson stated it best when he said, “I’ve come to have great respect for the brain and its capabilities. The brain can process two million bits of information per second, It remembers everything you’ve ever seen, everything you’ve ever heard, and with brains like these, we really shouldn’t be wandering around talking about what we can’t do; we should be trying to create an atmosphere that helps our young people realize that, whatever they can imagine, they can achieve.” If all young children were told that whatever they believe they can achieve, where would we be as a nation?

Education is fundamental to human progress but so is the belief that every child is “Somebody.” PUSH for Excellence (PUSH Excel) is committed to providing arenas where young people dream big dreams and live to see their actualization.

Rev. Dr. Janette Wilson, Esq.
PUSH Excel
National Director of Education