Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Founder / President, Rainbow PUSH Coalition
Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr.

Dear Friends:

As I talk with young people these days, I am convinced that they are crying out for moral leadership and discipline. Their cry is evident in the schools, as it is on the streets and, most disturbingly, in the home. The moral vacuum in which our children are living and growing up breeds an environment of disorder that makes it difficult, perhaps impossible, for many of them to define and achieve excellence in their lives.

We need to provide for them a total refocusing of values away from nonproductive distractions and other elements of temptation. Rather, they must focus on those disciplines that will permit them to reach for and obtain the critical goal of academic excellence. This refocusing of values—the PUSH for Excellence—calls for greater commitment from teachers, greater involvement from parents, and greater discipline and harder work from students toward academic excellence.

PUSH for Excellence (PUSH Excel) brings together key stakeholders who affect the quality of education under the most likely roof — the schools. Successful implementation of the PUSH for Excellence philosophy will have far-reaching impact on every aspect of family and community life. It will unite the disparate elements of the community in pursuit of a common goal — better learning.

This national refocusing of our attention and energy on reclaiming our youth is imperative. The PUSH for Excellence multi-faceted approach has several key elements: Parent Power for Excellence; school adoption; Ora Lee Sanders Memorial Scholarships; Historically Black Colleges and Universities Tour; Tutoring; Academic Basketball League; Project S.O.A.R. (Schools Offering Academic Resources); and so much more. Please join PUSH Excel’s crusade to save and empower our youth.

Rev. Jesse Jackson
Rainbow PUSH Coalition